Alibaba Sells Patent for Blockchain Domains

Alibaba submits a US patent for the blockchain system UBCDN. The system should confidently mark and distribute information. In addition, UBCDN should work across-the-board with other blockchain systems.

The Chinese online retailer Alibaba has a patent application entitled “Domain Name Management Scheme for Cross-Chain Interactions in block Chain System” on August 15 filed. Alibaba plans to use a blockchain system that uses a “Unified Blockchain Domain Name” (UBCDN) to identify and share information.

Alibaba plans medium for the management of blockchain domains

The system should generate a UBCDN message containing a blockchain domain name and a chain identifier. The domain name and the chain identifier are linked. In addition, the UBCDN message should contain a UBCDN of the blockchain instance, a digital signature of the UBCDN owner of the blockchain instance and a UBCDN certificate.

It also states in the Alibaba patent application that the system serves as a medium for managing domain names in the interaction of various blockchain systems. In addition, the system includes an identifier or label that helps users reach the appropriate blockchain instance. Thus block chain operators can select the blockchain domain name according to their company name. This allows users to infer the corresponding identifiers and promotes the use of the blockchain.

Alibaba: The blockchain for the protection of intellectual property

Back in March, BTC ECHO had the great activity in patent applications especially in China reported . China is considered a Blockchain patent world champion and tops the list with 790 patents approved before the US. Alibaba, together with Walmart and IBM, is at the forefront of the number of newly filed patents.

In addition, BTC ECHO had in May on Alibaba in connection with the block chain technology reported . At the time, Alibaba announced a blockchain intellectual property system designed to facilitate the application process.

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